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Machine in Factory

KONTEX - "Multiknife"!

Since July 1, 2017, you will find a KONTEX Multiknife in every KONTEX packaging unit.

A foldable professional knife with a fixed blade in credit card format, allowing the user to quickly cut/adjust KONTEX films and tapes. A twist knob lock prevents the blade from accidentally popping out.

Fabric Machinery in Factory

KONTEX Building Systems receives great feedback!

At FENSTERBAU FRONTALE, we presented our product innovations, the entire range, and our expanded capabilities. The enthusiasm for the innovations and groundbreaking technologies we showcased was a confirmation of our efforts. We thank all visitors for their support.

Machine in Factory

KONTEX Building Systems on a growth course!

Since its inception in 2005/2006, our company has continuously grown. The challenges that every successful and growing enterprise faces have been successfully overcome. Talented employees have been recruited, and materials and machinery have been added. Now, the production area is once again being expanded to meet the continuously increasing demand.

Factory Floor with Two Workers

The solution for aluminum windowsills!

What can be used to seal aluminum windowsills securely, quickly, and cost-effectively according to RAL/EnEv?

"With the new Kontex® Drainage System!"

The sealing system for aluminum windowsills.

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Published in "bauelemente-bau" in 11/2018

The 2nd Expert Days at Hautau took place on September 27.

Participating companies included:

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