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The childhood cancer project "Fruchtalarm" (Fruit Alert) was born in 2010 from the personal experience of a family in Bielefeld and is funded solely through donations. Since then, the mobile children's cocktail bar rolls through the corridors of 21 childhood cancer wards in Germany once a week.

Why not join in?

"Fruchtalarm" creates colorful and flavorful fruit cocktails from various juices and nectars, syrups, and ice cubes. The delicious drinks are mixed by the young patients directly at their bedside according to their own preferences. "Fruchtalarm" promotes activity, self-determination, and joy, providing a welcome change for seriously ill children and adolescents in the otherwise regulated hospital routine. Due to the often challenging nature of undergoing chemotherapy passively, the essential intake of fluids can be difficult. "Fruchtalarm" helps in regaining the necessary strength for further treatments and brings joy and a colorful variety to the hospital routine.

ARMINIA Bielefeld

Team spirit and unity are not only important factors on the field but are also highly valued among Arminia sponsors.

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