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The multifunctional tape

  • Sound insulation value up to 64 dB

  • Thermal / cold insulation

  • Fire protection class B1

  • Water resistance ≥ 1050 Pa

  • Thermal conductivity 10 ≤ 0.0478 W/(m·K)

  • U-value 0.56 W/(m²·K)

  • Water vapor diffusion resistance µ 4.3

  • SD value 0.5 mm

  • EC 1plus

*Technical data may change with the degree of compression. The properties are partially dependent on the compression level of the tape.

Cutting with a carpet knife
(set the smallest blade length)

Trim the over-compressed end of the tape (approximately 5-10 cm).


Leave an overhang according to the joint dimension.

Add more tape when butting the ends together.

Leave an overhang according to the joint dimension and butt the tapes together without turning the corner.

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